Curious about meditation but dont know where to start? Want to establish a practice and become more mindful. We can tailor an individualised private session to get you on your way to the science based benefits of a daily meditation practice... 


Reduce stress, anxiety, find a sense of calm, peace,balance and clarity in your life...


Private half hour sessions avaiable at a time that suits you.





In any physical activity, risk of serious physical injury is possible. Yoga and other activity is no substitute for medical diagnosis and/or treatment. The student (purchaser) assumes the risk of yoga or other activity and releases the teacher(s) and Chelsie & Spice from any liability claims.By make this purchase for participation in classes or workshops online/or in person with Michelle Robertson @ Chelsie & Spice you acknowledge you are aware of the physical risks involved with exercise and understand it is your personal responsibility to consult with my doctor regarding your participation, and that you have no medical conditions, that you are aware of, which would prevent you from taking part in classes or workshops. By making this purchase you also assume responsibility for any risk or injury I may sustain as a result of my participation. This purchase releases and waivers any liability, and by purchasing you understand that it is your responsibility to find a pace that suits and that you agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

Private Online Meditation Session on Zoom


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